Bandhini is a company based on long relationships - History, Families, Communities and Villages of people – generations of craftsmen honouring culture, tradition and the art of textiles. For us, Bandhini is more than just a beautiful product – it is a process driven by passion & shared goals. We conceive everything we weave, embellish & button & we nurture all of the families who work with us. Bandhini is a seed grown from a small pod & kept special by our close-knit ties since its conception in 1993.  Our very favourite things are what nature gives – from trees, cocoons and seeds.

Families from two sides of the world work together – Mithoo & Sweety with their deep love for Indian culture & craft & I, from 5 generations of women in textiles, share a passion passed down through my matriarchal line. Our children on both continents have grown sharing our different cultures & now join us as we pass on our shared goals.  My son Sharm joins us in marketing this year.

From the history of textiles we create our own history, from our families to yours...

About our product

Behind the Scenes...

Bandhini Winter 2011 Catalogue

Bandhini Winter 2010 Catalogue

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Bandhini Summer 2011 Catalogue

Bandhini Summer 2011 Catalogue

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